Fill 2!

I haven’t updated in a while again, been so busy! My little dog Lolly is going through yet another cancer scare, so its been stress city unfortunately. Over the past few weeks I’ve somehow managed to keep losing. I also started to very gradually be able to eat more. I found myself feeling hungry again, […]

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3 more lbs gone!

I weighed myself yesterday at Tesco as I do every Saturday. My ticket said 13st3lb. I thought I lost 1lb. When I got home and logged in to my fitness pal it said I lost 3lb, as my weight last time was 13 st 6lb! I checked my scale tickets and realised it was true! […]

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Oh so was the flu!

This past week I’ve been very quiet. I caught the flu! I knew it was bad on Sunday, I was roasting hot and very shaky. Monday my temperature went really high, and I felt like I’d been run over. My head hurt so much, and painkillers didn’t work. Spent afew days in bed, went back […]

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Back to the office!

So today’s the day I went back to my workplace. Despite only being away for 15 days, several people told me they could see I had lost weight. My face has got smaller. Lol! So how was it? Well, I’ll tell you. I started the day at 6.45, with breakfast consisting of 1 weetabix, bit […]

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Day 15 – Mash it up!

So it’s Sunday, my band has now been in for 15 days. My stomach now feels much like it used to..I can bend at the middle, I can twist..I tested this out yesterday by walking Jude, the bigger dog. She’s better on the lead than Lolly but she still pulls a lot. I couldn’t go […]

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11 days post op.

So it’s been in 11 days now. I’m still feeling no hunger whatsoever! I’ve spoken to the nurse twice, who phoned 2 days post op then again this past Monday. The dietician also called yesterday to see how things have been going. I was really glad actually, as it turns out my ‘unhunger’ is probably […]

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