Fill 2!

I haven’t updated in a while again, been so busy! My little dog Lolly is going through yet another cancer scare, so its been stress city unfortunately.

Over the past few weeks I’ve somehow managed to keep losing. I also started to very gradually be able to eat more. I found myself feeling hungry again, so when my dietician called we decided it was the right time for fill number 2. I had 1.6ml put in, taking me up to 4ml.

I had the fill done exactly 7 days ago. Followed the instructions and did 1 day fluid followed by 1 day mush. Now back to the usual foods. Right now, I’m in the green zone! Yippee! I’ve had some very awkward moments as I’ve tried to adapt to eating following the rules. I’ve realised I’m still eating too fast and although I’m using a baby fork, I’m still putting too much in my mouth. How do I know? Well, the food gets stuck!

Unless you’re a fellow bandit, you will have no idea how it feels for food to get stuck and not go straight through the band. It’s starts like heartburn, that gets progressively worse, until a weird slimy substance starts to appear in your mouth. Then the gagging starts. Apparently this is the human body’s choke reflex. Eventually the food either goes through the band, or reappears back in your mouth. Sometimes sick will come with it, sometimes not. It’s truly grosse lol! And it hurts.

It was my old work teams Christmas party on Friday. Set menu. Booked months ago. We went to a lovely restaurant in Nottingham, Marrakesh. I was able to wear the outfit I bought months ago, size 16 wahooooo!

When the starter came out it was all on sharing plates, which was great for me! I took a little meat filled filo pastry roll, and a little spoon of couscous. I ate it. I chatted with my old friends. Then it started. I ended up stuck in the loo for half an hour sliming. It was so bad I got sick. I missed the belly dancer!

When I returned to the table the main had arrived. The mixed grill. I was too afraid to eat any! I took a teeny piece of a kebab,  about the size of the cotton wool on a cotton bud, and the same size piece of lamb. They were divine! I then pushed the rest round to make it look like I ate some. Dessert, thankfully, was more share plates. I had none lol! I treated myself to a full sugar 300ml coke with ice. I then felt high from the sugar! It was a lovely night, and I wore make up, so at least I was feeling good lol!

I’ve spent this weekend trying to learn how to eat small mouthfuls and slow slow slowly. I’ve had a couple more incidents of food being stuck, but each time it happended I had again ate too quickly or too much. I hope I learn it soon!

So to business.

I have now lost a total of 37lbs. I am wearing a size 16uk. I bought some jeans today, from Asda, size 14. And they fit me!!!!!

So, ultimately, I am still happy I’ve made the right desicion. The band was the right surgery for me. It’s not an easy ride, but nobody ever said it would be. I know I still have an issue with emotional eating. When I’m stressed or upset or happy, I reach for food. But now, the food I reach for is changing. And I can’t eat much of it! I’m excited to see what the future holds, and a little scared of what might happen at Christmas!

I’ll try to update again soon.

Peace out people XXX






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