First fill and support group issues

Before and now!
So I’m now weighing in at 12 St 13. Yippee! It hasn’t been easy lol!

I had my first fill 2 weeks ago. Had 2.4ml in my empty 10ml band. Not only did it not make eating any harder I seem to feel hungrier now. Trust me to be backwards lol!  Anyway, I am pleased to report I felt no pain or discomfort at all. She found my port on the first attempt and did the fill. I had a drink and had no problem with fluid going through, then I went home. Had to do liquid for 1 day, mush for 1 day, then back to normal food. It was easy this time! Hope the next fills are equally easy!

So. I’ve been having some issues with online support. Before I had the band put in I joined a group on Facebook looking for advice and support. The first group I joined was a bariatric surgery support group. I introduced myself in a post, then the horror started. I got over 50 separate people having a go at me for choosing the band. They all seemed to be from America. They told me the band is close to being banned over there, it doesn’t work, it’s dangerous, I’m too small for weight loss surgery and alot more. I left within 24 hours.

Then I found a UK based support group, specifically for people who are choosing the band. I joined, and found a lovely, lively group of mostly British people with or getting the band. I spent 3 months there, sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings, and the photos I’ve been putting on here. I wanted to write this post about online support so I asked the admins if I could use the groups name on my blog, so others could find it. They asked me to ‘hang fire’ till all the admins could discuss it. Then they never replied again. Then all hell broke loose. In a nutshell, one of the admins clearly had issues with a really lovely helpful member and started taking up new rules and deleting posts. She then appeared to go completely mental and started deleting and blocking members for disagreeing with her and liking posts in defence of the member she had an issue with. I liked one such post but made no comment, and now I too have been thrown out the group and blocked.

Gastric Band UK I salute you. Thank you for taking away the support I was getting, thank you for making me feel like crap.

Fortunately the shunned members have joined together and made a new group. I’m now a member there. I just hope its 3rd time lucky! I’ve found the online Facebook support I’ve been getting from other banded people to be invaluable. Although my friends and family are very supportive they don’t know how it feels and they don’t know the answers when I need advice. Last week I got a plum stuck and started puking out pink slime and thought I was dying lol! Thankfully my online bandit buddies were at hand to let me know it was totally normal, and advised me that running round the house flapping my arms and dry heaving whilst drooling pink slime wouldn’t cure the issue. A swig of fizzy cola cured it. I would never have thought of that on my own!

Online support has, for me at least, been invaluable. It’s just a case of finding the right group. To find a group on Facebook you just go to the search facility and type in the subject of the group you are looking for. Most gastric band groups are closed so you then have to request to join the group. This way the members and posts are protected as many people keep the fact they’ve had weight loss surgery a secret.

If you are looking for online support for weight loss surgery and you are struggling to find it, let me know, I can point you in the right direction.

Peace out!

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