Oh so quiet..it was the flu!

This past week I’ve been very quiet. I caught the flu! I knew it was bad on Sunday, I was roasting hot and very shaky. Monday my temperature went really high, and I felt like I’d been run over. My head hurt so much, and painkillers didn’t work. Spent afew days in bed, went back to work yesterday. I now have a cough, runny nose and headache but much better than I was. Phew!

Today is my last day eating mushy foods. I’m so relieved. Mushy food is boring. I’ve mostly been eating cuppasoup, fish and mashed potato. Followed by yoghurt, sugar free jelly, or stewed apples with little pots of light ready made custard. I’ve discovered constipation. The stewed apples are helping, but had to resort to dulcolax and lactulose. I’ve never taken either before. Lactulose is awful! Very sweet and syrup like, with an under taste of poo. Bleugh. It worked though.

I tried on a couple of pairs of trousers I bought ages ago but they were far too small. Not anymore! They fit, and are a little baggy! I’m really pleased as the clothes I’m wearing at the moment are starting to look far too big. I can feel myself getting closer to the ‘far too small’ cupboard. I even have a winter coat in there with the tags still on it! Everything in that cupboard is a size 16, all have the tags on. Ibought them all last time I was losing weight. 3 years ago. I never got to wear any of them, as they never quite fit and then I piled the weight back on.  Everything in my current cupboard is 20/22. The trousers that now fit are a size 18. So many sizes lol!

My dietician called today, in readiness for my transition on to solids. I didn’t need any advice this time lol. Still, I like her calling me, just in case. She’s made my next appointment for the week after I have my first fill. Eeeeeek! It’s a week on Monday.

When they fit you with a band, its a bit like having a loose belt on, round the very top of your stomach. It creates a pouch at the top of your stomach. Over time the band is filled with saline, a tiny bit at a time. This causes the band to become tighter, making it harder for the food to pass through the hole. This in turn makes you less able to over eat, and your body work harder to push the food through the hole. This in turn stimulates the nerve endings, again, creating a feeling of fullness. My band is a small one, it can take up to 10ml of saline. When the band has the right amount in it, I will feel ‘restriction’ which will help me to eat less. There’s lots of info on the science online, so for more information go to Google 🙂

So tomorrow is weigh in day at Tesco. I’m not feeling confident this week, although my diet has been fine I’ve hardly moved thanks to being ill. I live in hope though!

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