Back to the office!

So today’s the day I went back to my workplace. Despite only being away for 15 days, several people told me they could see I had lost weight. My face has got smaller. Lol! So how was it? Well, I’ll tell you.

I started the day at 6.45, with breakfast consisting of 1 weetabix, bit of milk, a yoghurt and a coffee. It was a pain doing the ‘technique’ 20/20/20 eating rule as it took me ages to eat it. I never used to eat breakfast, but it’s all change since the band! Got the bus, it was raining heavily and the bus was packed. It was so hot on there! Started feeling sick pretty much straight away, and that set the scene for the rest of the morning. Nauseaus. Bleh. I couldn’t even drink my orange squash, I have a different brand at work, seems the band doesn’t like it! So I drank water all day.

Had a high calorie cuppasoup for lunch, had to force it in. The nausea lifted not long after lunch. It was a busy day, and it went by fast. Got over 8000 steps in since leaving home in the morning.  Had to then face the walk and the bus ride home. In the rain. Lol! All in all though, not a bad day.

I got back to my town just before the chemist shut. I nipped in and had a word with the pharmacist as since being banded I have had trouble going to the toilet. My poor body must be in shock at the lack of sugar, fat and in general really. I’m now the proud owner of a huge bottle if lactulose. I live in hope!

I’mnow trying to persuade myself to eat dinner. Home made Shepherds pie in the fridge. I’m tired and feeling no hunger at all. Not necessarily a bad thing!

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