Day 15 – Mash it up!

So it’s Sunday, my band has now been in for 15 days. My stomach now feels much like it used to..I can bend at the middle, I can twist..I tested this out yesterday by walking Jude, the bigger dog. She’s better on the lead than Lolly but she still pulls a lot. I couldn’t go as far as I could before, but that could be down to 14 days of sitting on my arse at home! Back to normal tomorrow, going back to work. Quite looking forward to it!

So I started on the mush diet yesterday. I had 1 weetabix for breakfast, yoghurt at lunchtime and cod in parsley sauce with mash and veg for dinner. I served it up in a little tuppaware box, as it made it look bigger lol! I found I could eat just fine, but my hunger levels are very low so had to force it in. I followed the 20/20/20 rule my dietician gave me (20 chews, wait 20 seconds before next bite, stop after 20 mins) and I found I actually had leftovers lol! Brilliant!

I weighed in yesterday. I’ve now lost a total of 22lbs, putting me at 13st8, or 190lbs. I was so happy! Being under 200lbs must be helping with the diabetes. It’s definitely helping with my right knee, haven’t needed to take Tramadol for it at all this week! That’s a win for sure!

Dinner today is Shepherds pie, served on a teaplate. Yum!

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