3 more lbs gone!

I weighed myself yesterday at Tesco as I do every Saturday. My ticket said 13st3lb. I thought I lost 1lb. When I got home and logged in to my fitness pal it said I lost 3lb, as my weight last time was 13 st 6lb! I checked my scale tickets and realised it was true! […]

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Oh so quiet..it was the flu!

This past week I’ve been very quiet. I caught the flu! I knew it was bad on Sunday, I was roasting hot and very shaky. Monday my temperature went really high, and I felt like I’d been run over. My head hurt so much, and painkillers didn’t work. Spent afew days in bed, went back […]

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Back to the office!

So today’s the day I went back to my workplace. Despite only being away for 15 days, several people told me they could see I had lost weight. My face has got smaller. Lol! So how was it? Well, I’ll tell you. I started the day at 6.45, with breakfast consisting of 1 weetabix, bit […]

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Day 15 – Mash it up!

So it’s Sunday, my band has now been in for 15 days. My stomach now feels much like it used to..I can bend at the middle, I can twist..I tested this out yesterday by walking Jude, the bigger dog. She’s better on the lead than Lolly but she still pulls a lot. I couldn’t go […]

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