11 days post op.

So it’s been in 11 days now. I’m still feeling no hunger whatsoever! I’ve spoken to the nurse twice, who phoned 2 days post op then again this past Monday. The dietician also called yesterday to see how things have been going. I was really glad actually, as it turns out my ‘unhunger’ is probably down to swelling. She also put my mind at rest about the fact I’ve been living on slimfast shakes – ready made, 3 a day, with the odd yoghurt and bit of soup.

On Saturday I go onto ‘mush’ food. Anything that I can mash with a fork. Yippee! The dietician said this could be fish pie, shepherds pie, inside of jacket potato with beans, soft pasta. I was made up! I thought I couldn’t eat pasta or potato for ages!

I went for a walk today. It’s a beautiful sunny day. My stomach feels weird though, it doesn’t hurt, it just feels strange. Maybe it’s my imagination.

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