The last week or so…

Whoever said this doesn’t hurt lied lol! It does hurt. Don’t get me wrong, its not a killer of a pain, but enough to remind you its there. It’s mostly on my left side where the port is, but totally controlled by painkillers and knowing what positions are comfortable.

The worst wounds..not that bad at all!
The worst wounds..not that bad at all!

I’ve removed the 5 dressings on my belly and now have 5 little scars where they were. On the right it’s so tiny it can barely be seen, then they get progressively bigger as they move to the left. Makes sense then that the pain is to the left.

I took the compression socks off on Tuesday. Lolly stole them straight away and I haven’t seen them since.

I’ve been on the liquid diet all week while the band settles in. Another week to go then I can eat mushy food but no bread, rice or potato. I haven’t felt like eating though so still mostly surviving on slim fast ready made shakes and a vitamin pill. I have eaten 2 Petit filous yoghurts and a cuppasoup and I have lots of soup and yoghurts in, just don’t feel ready to eat yet, even though they’re awful the shakes just make it so easy!

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