11 days post op.

So it’s been in 11 days now. I’m still feeling no hunger whatsoever! I’ve spoken to the nurse twice, who phoned 2 days post op then again this past Monday. The dietician also called yesterday to see how things have been going. I was really glad actually, as it turns out my ‘unhunger’ is probably […]

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The last week or so…

Whoever said this doesn’t hurt lied lol! It does hurt. Don’t get me wrong, its not a killer of a pain, but enough to remind you its there. It’s mostly on my left side where the port is, but totally controlled by painkillers and knowing what positions are comfortable. I’ve removed the 5 dressings on […]

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It’s in!

I was asked to arrive at Dolan Park hospital for 7am. We got up and my husband drove. It was a weird journey, there was thick fog nearly the whole way. We found it just fine, thanks to satnav. We went into reception and I was checked in and asked to take a seat. I […]

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Who am I?

Hi there! Firstly this is my first experience of blogging so I apologise for the basic state of my page. As I learn how to do stuff here it will get better. So, I’m known as Tray, I’m 42 years old and female. I live in a little town in Derbyshire, which is in England. […]

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